Sustainable water supply based on Grundfos Lifelink water solutions

Every day, our customers and partners are delivering reliable access to safe water for thousands of people in countries across Africa. Take an inspirational tour to learn how NGOs and water service companies are building new models for efficient and sustainable water supply operations, based on Grundfos Lifelink solutions. As our project base grows, we will continue to share more cases.

Water ATMs offer low-priced water to Nairobi's poorest residents

For years, black market cartels have controlled water supply in Nairobi, Kenya. In addition to the high cost, consumers could not trust the water quality. Almost half of the residents have trouble getting fresh water. That is because they live in the large "informal settlements".

Nairobi Water has found success with one solution in Mathare: Grundfos AQtap "water ATMs". Watch the video to see what impact the solution made to the people in Mathare.

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