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Lifelink water solutions – reliable water supply for every situation

With Grundfos Lifelink water solutions you can provide end-users with a reliable water supply and benefit from technology that delivers efficient revenue collection, cost-efficient operations and remote monitoring for full transparency and accountability.  Together with professional service backup, this is the bedrock of a solution with long-term operational sustainability.

Grundfos Lifelink water solutions can adapt to small or large water schemes and build on the well-proven and vast range of Grundfos water solution pumps and systems. Whether in rural or urban settings Grundfos Lifelink technology supports efficient water service operations for water service companies, NGOs and community-based associations.

The heart of a Grundfos Lifelink solution is the innovative water dispenser and unique water management platform. Thanks to a modular approach, solutions are designed from the Grundfos product portfolio depending on context and project criteria.




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Learn how NGOs and water service companies are building new models for efficient and sustainable water supply operations, based on Grundfos Lifelink solutions.

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