Water kiosk with water supply

Water kiosk with water supply

This is the total solution for a sustainable water supply to smaller communities in rural and peri-urban areas not connected to the grid or water network. The water kiosk is connected to a water tank supplied by groundwater or treated surface water using proven Grundfos solar driven pumps and – if required – Grundfos AQpure water treatment systems.

The water kiosk has a water dispenser with integrated revenue collection and online water management system for reliable operations of even remote water projects. Furthermore, the pumping range and capacity of the solution can be customised according to the project scope and need.

The water kiosk with water supply was the first project design to be implemented based on Grundfos Lifelink technology. The majority of forty demonstration projects in Kenya are built on this model. Experience shows that the solar driven pumps ensure very reliable and low-cost operations, while providing enough quantity and pressure of water to be used for both domestic and productive purposes in the community. With the option to establish a service contract with a local certified service team, communities have technical support and are relieved of the burden of service and maintenance.

Grundfos Lifelink projects in Kenya

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40 Grundfos Lifelink projects in Kenya are proving a new model for self-sustaining water supply operations and provide water for nearly 100,000 people in rural and peri-urban communities.

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