Water kiosk

Water kiosk connected to water network

The dispenser unit can be connected to the public water network, for a single water kiosk or a complete grid of grouped water kiosks. This is the cost-efficient solution for improving and expanding water supply services in urban and peri-urban areas.

All water kiosks are easily monitored via the online water management system, meaning you can expand operations, establishing a new level of professional and reliable water supply service for low-income communities and settlements.

Furthermore, the water price of connected dispensers can be managed centrally from the water management system, or locally on the dispenser with a ServiceCard.

Compared to traditional water kiosks, the water dispenser is easy to install, and its’ automated functionality provides convenient and reliable access for consumers.

To tap water from the dispenser unit, the consumer requires a WaterCard with a positive balance of water credits. The consumer buys water credits either on-site or using mobile payment. This supports cost-efficient operations of the water kiosks and automatic collection of revenue for the water service provider.


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