Business models

Business model know-how for sustainable operations

We engage with our customers in designing and facilitating the right business models to fit your project’s needs. The Grundfos Lifelink solution opens up new opportunities to organise water service delivery and create viable business models for water supply across rural and urban areas.  

By enabling a continuous revenue generation, Grundfos Lifelink solutions address the crucial dimension of financial viability in water supply, making possible a range of business models for the financing of operations and even recovery of investment costs.

To create a successful business model that ultimately provides sustainability in water supply, it is important to pay attention to every step in the value chain. The Grundfos Lifelink solution solves the missing link by enabling a continuous revenue stream to cover service and maintenance costs.  

We engage in knowledge sharing and facilitation of the right business model for your water project – calling upon our extensive know-how and experience in creating sustainable water solutions.

The parameters for designing the right business model include:

  • The source of funding and financing
  • The project model and technology design
  • The population base of the water project
  • The organisational set-up for operation and management
  • The choice of service and support

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