Revenue collection

Efficient revenue collection

As an integrated functionality of the water dispenser, Lifelink water solutions offer a unique system for efficient revenue collection. The revenue collection system is a tool to ensure automatic and efficient collection of user fees in closed transactions, thus enabling financial transparency and sustainability.

The revenue collection system is designed for integration with mobile credit platforms or with local water credit vendors, both ways enabling fair and transparent transactions.

Credits can easily be loaded onto the end-user’s water card and automatically deducted when tapping water.

When operating a water scheme with Grundfos dispensers integrated with the revenue collection system, water service operators are enabled in ensuring a continuous revenue stream to cover the costs of ongoing operations and maintenance of the water points. The revenue collection system thereby contributes to the elimination of commercial losses in water supply while providing fair and transparent water prices for the end-users.

Combined with the online water management platform, this is the tool that changes the game to financially sustainable water supply operations.