Water dispensing

User-friendly water dispensing

With Grundfos Lifelink water solutions, water tapping becomes a positive and transparent experience to the consumer, thanks to the user friendliness of the dispenser and the closed and transparent transactions of the integrated revenue collection system.

Designed with a simple and intuitive interface, end-users can easily load credits onto their water cards, either through local water credit vendors or via mobile credit platforms. Both ways enable fair and transparent transactions. When tapping water, the credits of the end-user’s water card are automatically deducted in a clear transparent way.

The water dispenser operates precisely and with minimum wastage of water. It provides convenient and reliable access to water for end-users with varying back-grounds and demographics.

Water ATMs offer low-priced water to Nairobi's poorest residents


In Nairobi, Kenya, almost half of the residents have trouble getting fresh water. That is because they live in the large "informal settlements".

Nairobi Water has found success with one solution in Mathare: Grundfos AQtap "water ATMs."

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