Water management

Intelligent water management

Whatever is measured and monitored, can be managed. Even large numbers of water points in distant locations can easily be monitored and managed with the Grundfos Lifelink water management system that accompanies the dispensers. This enables water service companies to expand operations and establish a new level of professional and reliable water supply services, for both urban and rural communities.

Through the online water management platform, water service operators can easily monitor the performance of each water point in terms of:

  • water consumption
  • credit transactions
  • technical performance
  • service needs

It enables remote access to the system and user-data, as well as streamlining the service and maintenance process. With the water management system, water operators can easily provide full accountability and reporting on all financial transactions and performance of water points.

Whether used by a private water utility, an NGO or a public water service provider, this solution paves the way for new models of water supply. It creates increased reliability and the potential to expand operations to a larger scale, providing more people with sustainable access to water.

TradeWater by Water Missions International


The TradeWater concept by Water Missions International is a new model for sustainable private water service delivery - and built on Grundfos Lifelink solutions technology.

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