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Pumping, dosing and disinfection solutions for each stage of the water treatment cycle are available from Grundfos, a full-line supplier of tailored solutions for the entire water treatment process.

Grundfos offers expertise for water treatment projects and can provide consultancy from planning through to design, cost evaluation, commissioning and maintenance. Dedicated, global project management services help with the choices to be made, ensuring tailored water treatment solutions that are certified according to local rules and regulations.

Fully automated, easy to use disinfection systems using chlorine compounds and complete dosing pump systems are available for the chemical treatment of large or small volumes of drinking water based on different technologies.

The Grundfos Product Center helps you select the pump that best matches the drinking water treatment application.

Find out more about on-site disinfectant production and digital dosing systems. See also Grundfos Water Treatment Solutions.


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One partner for your water treatment challenges

Water treatment is technology-driven and heavily regulated, and you need a partner who offers pump, dosing and disinfection solutions for the entire water treatment process. Whether you are looking for packaged solutions or individual pumping products for each stage of the water treatment cycle, Grundfos offers a range of high-quality products and unique expertise.

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Salt brings safety as new disinfectant solution in Chinese water plants

Some communities and plants are beginning to value long-term safety higher than the material cost, however. One of these is the Haiyan County Sandi Tap Water Treatment Plant, Ltd., south of Shanghai. 

Watch the video to learn about how the water treatment uses salt as a more environmental alternative to traditional disinfection.