On-site disinfectant production


Fully automated disinfection systems from Grundfos ensure clean water worldwide. Our Oxiperm, Vaccuperm and Selcoperm disinfection systems utilise three main processes: dosing of chlorine gas, dosing of liquid sodium or calcium hypochlorite solution, and electrolytic chlorine generation.

Comprehensive disinfection solutions from Grundfos cover almost all areas of water chemistry, including more complex tasks. Disinfection with chlorine gas is the most widely used process, and solutions using liquid hypochlorite and electrolysis are also available for suitable applications.

Grundfos offers a variety of disinfection systems to ensure appropriate disinfection for applications:

Oxiperm® chlorine dioxide generators offer chlorine dioxide preparation and dosing, for diluted and concentrated components, ensuring effective disinfection and reliable performance.

Vaccuperm chlorine disinfection systems are effective and economical vacuum gas dosing systems for the safe and accurate dosing and control of gaseous chlorine, ammonia and sulphur dioxide.

Selcoperm electrolysis systems generate chlorine directly on site with no critical by-products, for the safe and simple production of hypochlorite solution for disinfection applications.


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