Grundfos pumping solutions for disinfection meet the requirements for purifying drinking water, including chlorination solutions that are available for maintaining a residual disinfecting agent throughout the distribution system.

SMART Digital (DDA, DDC and DDE) diaphragm dosing pumps offer modularity, simplicity and flow intelligence and contribute to keeping life cycle costs low. In addition, Grundfos supplies motor-driven (DMX) diaphragm dosing pumps, oscillating positive displacement pumps (DMH), precision dosing (DDI) pumps, and large-volume (DME) dosing pumps for primary treatment activities.

Grundfos supplies fully automated, easy to use disinfection systems using chlorine compounds. The range includes full-vacuum chlorine gas (Cl2) dosing systems (Vaccuperm), sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) electro-chlorination systems (Selcoperm), and chlorine dioxide (ClO2) preparation and dosing systems (Oxiperm). Accessories for measurement and control and photometric water analysis ensure complete control of dosing and disinfection processes.


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There are numerous methods for water disinfection, the use of chemicals is the most common one. It is important to remember that no single method can meet all needs.

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Pumps in water treatment

Pumps in water treatment

This brochure, “Pumps in water treatment”, focuses on water purification systems where the pump forms an essential part of the system.

optimised water solutions

Optimised water solutions

The water utility range brochure with all Grundfos pumps and systems for today's water supply and wastewater challenges.


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Salt brings safety as new disinfectant solution in Chinese water plants

Some communities and plants are beginning to value long-term safety higher than the material cost, however. One of these is the Haiyan County Sandi Tap Water Treatment Plant, Ltd., south of Shanghai. 

Watch the video to learn about how the water treatment uses salt as a more environmental alternative to traditional disinfection.