Grundfos matches the many demands placed on a pumping solution for maintaining gentle and controlled flows in sedimentation tanks and moving water to and from the tanks.

In addition to maintaining gentle and controlled flows, settling out suspended solids in water under the influence of gravity requires a pump system that is designed to avoid contact between the sediment and vital pump parts, reducing wear and tear.

Grundfos pump systems meet these requirements for a range of flow and installation demands, from HS split-case pumps, NB/NBG/NBE/NBGE and NK/NKG/NKE/NKGE end-suction pumps, TP/TPE vertical inline volute pumps where space is an issue, and our highly successful vertical multistage CR centrifugal pump. Grundfos SE/SL pumps are specifically designed for durable use and reliable flow management, and can be installed dry or submerged.


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Gentle fluid handling is ensured by SuperVortex pumps where the sediment never touches vital parts.

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Pumps in water treatment

Pumps in water treatment

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Optimised water solutions

Optimised water solutions

The water utility range brochure with all Grundfos pumps and systems for today's water supply and wastewater challenges.


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