Rivers and lakes


Pumping solutions tailored for the varying demands of surface water intake at the lake shore or river bank, at the lake or reservoir, and at the intake basin.

Pumping solutions include robust and efficient SP submersible multistage pumps at the lake shore or river bank, powerful KWM mixed-flow and KPL axial-flow pumps at the surface water intake and Vertical Turbine Pumps at the intake basin.


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Water cycle animation


Surface water intake can take many forms. Grundfos solutions support all capacity demands and process types.

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Optimised for underground performance -SP pump

Optimised for underground performance

If you want to benefit from unsurpassed underground reliability, Grundfos’ SP pump is the obvious choice.

Optimised water solutions

Optimised water solutions

The water utility range brochure with all Grundfos pumps and systems for today's water supply and wastewater challenges.

Effective and optimised raw water intake

Effective and optimised raw water intake

Use less energy and reduce operational costs at the well field.


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SP Engineering Manual

Download the SP Engineering Manual

Click here for your copy of the SP Engineering Manual. It covers a wide range of topics and advice for anyone working with one of our most iconic pumps, the SP submersible.

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