Wastewater transport and flood control


In an environment with continuous wastewater inflow, Grundfos ensures that downtime is reduced and risk minimisation is built into dependable, energy efficient solutions for pumping stations and networks.

Dependable, energy efficient solutions for your pumping stations and networks are essential for wastewater collection and transport. Grundfos offers market-leading highest efficiency wastewater pumps that include innovative and patented technologies such as the S-tube impeller and SmartTrim impeller adjustment.

We also supply prefabricated pumping stations complete with pumps, controls, valves and pipes. Go to pressurised sewer network modelling to find out the benefits of applying system simulation software and how Grundfos can help optimise the design.

Grundfos offers consultancy and uses Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling to optimise flow patterns at the pumping station and retention tank. In addition, we make available design handbooks for flood pumping stations and retention tanks. Find out more about on these pages: CFD analysis and pumping station design and CFD analysis and retention tank design.

The Grundfos Product Center helps you select the pump that best matches the wastewater transport or flood control application.


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Project and Service capabilities

Project and Service capabilities

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Wastewater Intelligent Solutions

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Grundfos Wastewater Pumps

Grundfos Wastewater Pumps

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