Prefabricated pumping stations


Prefabricated pumping stations from Grundfos are built up from a sturdy and well-designed pump pit sized to suit requirements, with up to three wastewater pumps easily installed on auto-couplings.

This is an innovative and intelligent solution that simplifies pump pit management and reduces costs, eliminating the need for most service calls and reducing installation and commissioning costs substantially. All necessary components such as piping and valves are built in or placed in a separate valve chamber.

Benefits include a sturdy construction from high-quality corrosion-free materials. The tank can withstand lifting in areas with a high water table. Installation is easy and fast, with minimal disruption and a small construction footprint. The design of the pit sump limits sludge settling and odour problems and is for unattended operation and control using Grundfos Remote Management.

Whether for new installations or for replacement of an existing pumping station, downtime is critical. A prefabricated pumping station is the ideal solution, as the complete pumping station is delivered with only the inlet and outlet holes needing to be drilled. Installation is usually completed within 24 hours.

Grundfos Dedicated Controls offers operational reliability, integration and automatic optimisation, and has “flush and reverse” anti-clogging functionality built-in. The anti-clogging function acts on any abnormal events to stop pumps from blocking, avoiding costly downtime.


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