Stormwater retention tanks


Pump and control solutions from Grundfos ensure reliable and automatic operation of stormwater tanks, helping reduce peak flow and equalise flow rates from stormwater runoff.

Powerful axial-flow KPL and mixed-flow KWM pumps for flood control are specifically designed for stormwater tanks and flood control. In addition, Grundfos SE/SL and S wastewater pumps are for durable use with heavy, fluctuating wastewater flows. Our SMD and SMG mixers offer a robust design with corrosion resistant materials for creating a bulk-flow with an almost uniform flow-velocity and limited risk of dead zones. The Flushjet is a hydroejector designed to automatically clean the stormwater tank.

Dedicated Controls offers unique features, such as the anti-clogging flush-and-reverse function and continuous energy optimisation according to duty conditions, for the control of wastewater pumps and works with Grundfos Remote Management.

Grundfos offers consultancy and uses Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling to optimise flow patterns at the stormwater tank. In addition, we make available design handbooks for flood pumping stations and retention tanks. Find out more about CFD analysis and retention tank design.


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Stormwater Tanks

Stormwater Tanks

Climate change is increasingly the cause of extreme weather phenomena around the world, for example extreme rainfall. Stormwater tanks can store much of this excess rainwater, thereby reducing the hydraulic load on the existing sewers.

Optimised water solution

Optimised water solutions

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