Biological treatment


Grundfos supplies an optimised solution for biological treatment to equalise flow and load in response in flow variations in the tank using SRP recirculation pumps, mixers and flowmakers (SFG, SMD and SMG), ensuring that the capacity of the biological process is not exceeded.

Grundfos supplies motor-driven (DMX) diaphragm dosing pumps, oscillating positive displacement pumps (DMH), precision dosing (DDI) pumps, and large-volume (DME) dosing pumps for precision dosing preparation and application following secondary clarification. Grundfos also supplies PLC-controlled, fully automatic systems (Polydos) to handle preparation and the reliable dosing of organic coagulants or poly-electrolytes.

Recirculation of sludge from the secondary clarifier to the aerobic tank is reliably handled with S wastewater pumps and KWM mixed-flow pumps.

For aeration of wastewater during biological treatment, Grundfos offers fixed or retractable systems of fine bubble diffusers for efficient oxygen transfer. The self-aspirating AeroJet is made from stainless steel and handles both mixing and aeration of wastewater.


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Optimised water solution

Optimised water solutions

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