Inlet pumping stations


Grundfos supplies a wide range of products and solutions for the inlet pumping station, keeping lifecycle costs low and reliability high.

Grundfos offers consultancy and uses Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling to optimise flow patterns at the inlet pumping station, ensuring it is suitable for current and future demands and is self-cleaning, reducing wear and smell by continuously removing deposits and solids. Contact Grundfos for more information.

Grundfos SE/SL and S wastewater pumps are specifically designed for durable use and heavy, fluctuating sewage flows and can be installed dry or submerged. For larger flows, KWM mixed-flow pumps are recommended.


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Water cycle animation


Grundfos ensures low lifecycle cost and a broad range of products and solutions for mechanical, biological and chemical treatment.

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Optimised water solution

Optimised water solutions

The water utility range brochure with all Grundfos pumps and systems for today's water supply and wastewater challenges.


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