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Grundfos supplies pumps and controls for the entire water distribution system, including main and local pumping stations. Market-leading pump optimisation and pressure control solutions increase pump and system efficiency, ensure correct water pressure at the consumer, and high reliability and intelligent surveillance of the water distribution system.

Pressure management is essential to effective leakage management. With Grundfos Demand Driven Distribution, pumps, intelligent components and system surveillance are packaged to build unique pressure management solutions that minimise water losses, reduce energy consumption and minimise operational costs for leaks and pipe maintenance.

The Demand Driven Distribution controller connected to network pressure sensors via the GSM network allows control of the pumps in accordance with data logged on a daily basis via an adaptive control algorithm. The measured data are then used for adaptive control of the pumping station, keeping the pressure in the network at the desired value, without troublesome analysis and re-configurations of the system to maintain proper operation.

The Grundfos Product Center helps you select the pump that best matches the water distribution application.


Follow the links to find products and solutions for main distribution in large networks where water volume is high, local stations in medium-sized networks with a medium volume of water, and boosting in small networks where water volume is low.

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Cambodian water plant enjoys 15% energy and water savings plus improved supply

In the Cambodian province of Takéo, the water supply company was doing what it could with the technology it had to supply drinking water to the small city of Doun Kaev and the surrounding 45 villages of about 44,000 people.

Watch the film to see what impact the solution has to the water supply company and the residents in the small villages.