Grundfos hosts Reinventing Tomorrow case challenge to reduce CO2 emissions

On 27-28 April 2022 Grundfos is hosting a case competition called Reinventing Tomorrow, where students will take part in a challenge to redefine domestic heating systems.

Historically, heating systems in the home have been designed based on individual components and have been dependent on manual settings. These legacy systems are not optimised to reduce CO2 emissions and leave open opportunities to secure better energy efficiency while maintaining comfort.

We are looking for engineering students with open-minded perspectives and fresh ideas to join us in addressing radical CO2 emission reduction, the most pressing sustainability challenge facing the planet. Students will also have the chance to win 20.000DKK and the opportunity to take their ideas further through an internship or student assistant position at Grundfos.

"We have an aspiration and a commitment to offer homeowners the most attractive choices for sustainable homes and comfortable lives. It’s a big promise, and I am certain students will be able to look at the challenge from a new perspective and bring new ways of thinking," says Morten Bach Jensen, EVP and Divisional CEO, Domestic Building Services.

The competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students in Denmark. The strongest applicants may be pursuing a diploma or master’s degree or have a background in digital engineering, digital electronics and software, innovation engineering, business development engineering or mechanical engineering.


Apply as a team or as an individual
Apply as a team if you already know who you want to work with. Each member of the team must apply. You can also apply as an individual and we’ll pair successful candidates into teams. The recommended team size is 4 and should be no smaller than 3 or larger than 5.

Click here to learn more and sign up at the Reinventing Tomorrow website.