Learning and development at Grundfos

Your personal growth, learning and career development opportunities are our priority in the empowering environment we strive to foster at Grundfos.

We want you and all our people to achieve their highest potential, so we continually unlock possibilities in pursuit of our purpose: pioneering solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and improving quality of life for people.

As the world changes, so do we. One way we ensure growth and stay one step ahead is with the Performance and Development Dialogue, where we set objectives for the period ahead, and carry out regular reviews during the year focusing on both deliverables and development. Each year, we’ll discuss both valuable lessons learned as well as important focus areas for the future.

Learning is in our DNA

It began with our founder, Poul Due Jensen, who prioritised and firmly believed in the importance of knowledge and learning. And some things never change. Today, more than ever, we depend on learning and on the ability to acquire new skills in a fast and agile way. We believe our key to success is enabling our employees to take responsibility for their own learning. That’s why we continuously work to improve the conditions for learning across our organisation. We strive to give our employees immediate access to learning and development, so they can learn in the flow of work – where and when they need it. 

At Grundfos you’ll have access to cutting-edge learning technology and a wide range of courses, digital learning opportunities and development programmes. Some of our courses are delivered at The Poul Due Jensen Academy, which is located at our headquarters in Denmark. With its 40 residence rooms, multiple classrooms, conference rooms and meeting facilities, the academy is living proof of our high commitment to learning and development.

Leadership development

Our ambitions in the areas of water solutions and digital offerings call for strong leadership to navigate towards the future we want. Leadership that’s a blend of courage and visionary thinking, and the ability to plan and prioritise accordingly. Grundfos leaders are a diverse network of pioneers guiding others in seeing possibilities, not problems. They spread our optimistic, can-do attitude to drive global innovation and a strong sense of purpose, guiding and motivating our colleagues in living our values day by day and truly making a difference.

We support our leaders’ individual development through a range of programmes, tools and other learning opportunities. We offer multiple career possibilities and all employees can navigate in many different career directions across the more than 55 countries in which we are represented.

Power UP Grundfos

Power UP Grundfos (P-U-G) is a key organisational talent development initiative that enables internal talent pools and employees to take on different or greater responsibilities. The talents undergo a rigorous developmental experience over a course of 15 to 18 months by being exposed to a stretch project ensuring personal insights, formal and informal learning. Mentorship and coaching are key elements in the programme, leading to a broadening of perspectives, both personally and professionally.

P-U-G combines challenging assignments with training sessions, allowing you to work with and learn from talents with different backgrounds and roles. This combination has developed my skills and competences in several key areas, getting me out of my comfort zone and giving me valuable experiences that will help shape my future career.
Carlota María Nistal Pueyo, Laboratory Engineer Specialist
The programme has helped me expand my network and understanding of the whole supply chain. It has helped me to fully understand cultural differences and increased my self-awareness. And I have taken up a new career opportunity encouraged by colleagues and supported by my P-U-G mentor.
Vanja Adamović, Manager