I’m keen to say it was worth it. We changed to state-of-the-art equipment and achieved energy savings of 50-80%.
I’m keen to say it was worth it. We changed to state-of-the-art equipment and achieved energy savings of 50-80%.

Saving energy in our buildings

From hotels and hospitals to office towers and airports, every commercial building has its own special requirements.

Our solutions cater to the unique energy demands of large buildings. Elevate comfort, bring high performance and energy efficiency while lowering costs and your carbon footprint.

Explore our variable frequency drives, building management systems, district energy solutions and energy-efficient pumps like the MAGNA3 in commercial buildings.

Maximise your energy savings and reduce operating costs with an energy check.

At the heart of an efficient building is a smart Grundfos pump.

Save energy in our homes

Comfortable living provided by innovative solutions for energy-efficient circulator pumps, constant pressure systems, and smart water recirculation.

Explore our range of domestic solutions, from the ALPHA2 circulator pump to the Comfort System for instant hot water. 

Do you have questions or a request on how we or our authorised service partners can help you save energy in your home?

At the heart of a comfortable home is a smart Grundfos pump.

After 18 months, energy consumption had dropped by 32 percent, while losses due to non-revenue water declined by 3.3 percent in the first six months.
Jose Parra, Head of operations, Tejas Verde

Saving energy in our municipalities

Empower your city’s water infrastructure. We deliver cutting-edge solutions for municipal water supply  and wastewater management.  From booster systems to remote monitoring, embrace efficiency to build resilient, water-smart communities.

Discover our Hydro Booster Systems and intelligent control solutions like Grundfos Connect for resilient, energy-efficient communities.

At the heart of a smart city is a Grundfos pump that optimally manages the city’s water, using less.

Saving energy in our industries

Elevate industrial processes with Grundfos energy-efficient pumps. Whether it’s optimising heating, cooling, or industrial water supply, our solutions are tailored to enhance productivity while minimising energy consumption.

Discover success stories from industries that have optimised their operations, showcasing increased productivity and reduced energy consumption.

Explore our multistage centrifugal pumps, booster systems, and smart controls. 

At the heart of productivity is a smart Grundfos pump.

Saving energy in agriculture

Revolutionise progress in agriculture with Grundfos energy-saving pumps. From solar-powered solutions to intelligent control systems, optimise water usage and cultivate greener, more thriving landscapes. Unleash the power of precision irrigation and get more, using less.

Meet Peter who says “I never have to worry whether the irrigation works”, because he has his solar panels and a Grundfos pump that also increased crop yields and reduced energy costs.

Explore our solar-powered  pumping systems and advanced Irrigation.

At the heart of progress is a smart Grundfos pump.

How we helped our partners save energy

Explore how we partnered up with our customers to optimise their operations with pumps and solutions, showcasing increased productivity and reduced energy consumption.