Purpose and values

We are driven by our purpose and values with sustainability at the core.

We wish to make a positive difference in the world

Sustainability is in everything we do. We work tirelessly to improve water and energy efficiency for the greater good and believe in making a difference locally and globally.

A mission steeped in decades of excellence

Through our solutions and through our actions we will ensure water access for more people around the world, safeguard our precious water resources and make a positive and lasting impact on the global climate challenges.

We pioneer solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and improve the quality of life for people.

Grundfos Strategy 2025

Values shape us and define our actions every single day

We are a value-driven company committed to a foundation of six principle values that govern everything we do.


Grundfos runs its business in a responsible and ever more sustainable way. We make products and solutions that help our customers save natural resources and reduce climate impact. We take an active role in the society around us. Grundfos is a socially responsible company. We take care of our people - also those with special needs.

Open and trustworthy

In Grundfos we do what we say, and we say what we do. Our communication is open and honest among ourselves and with the world around us. We put the facts on the table – also when it is not pleasant.

Focused on people

Grundfos is our people. We develop the individual. Everyone in Grundfos has passion and potential. Everyone has the power to influence. Everyone must feel respected and valued.


The main shareholder of Grundfos – now and in the future – is the Poul Due Jensen Foundation. Profit is a means to growth – not a goal in itself. We ensure a healthy financial foundation at all times.


Grundfos creates value through close relations with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. We are a global company building on local entrepreneurship. We believe that diversity drives innovation and growth.

Relentlessly ambitious

In Grundfos we never stop challenging ourselves to create better solutions faster. We take pride in delivering premium quality in everything we do. We show leadership and innovate the future.

Sustainability reports

Sustainability has always been core of our business, purpose and how we operate. Find detailed updates on our sustainability progress over the past 20 years.

Strategy 2025: We are pioneers

We want to be climate positive. Through our solutions and actions, we will ensure water access for more people around the world, safeguard our precious water resources and make a positive, lasting impact on global climate challenges.

Join us on our mission

We will achieve our mission through bold steps that no one else can or dare take. Here is a short inspirational video on how we are driving our business forward.