Meet Mai - our colourful transformation agent

Mai Fruergaard Hansen, Lead Project Manager

Who am I 
I joined Grundfos in late 2018 after several years as a Management Consultant, latest out of Los Angeles. There was just something about this company, our purpose and history that I instantly found compelling and that made me want to make the jump. I have not regretted that change for a second.

How I make a difference 
I am part of driving our Annual Review process in HR, which is our global approach to performance management. My role is two-folded. I work together with amazing HR colleagues from all over the world in delivering a meaningful and strong People and Development Dialogue (PDD), incentive, and merit setup to the business. Equally important, I collaborate with our people leaders and employees in the business on communication and training offerings and how to improve the user experience. On top of that, I am a project manager on several transformation initiatives related to our corporate strategy 2025, which is honestly a huge part of why I love my job. Grundfos has a tremendously important purpose and what we do help improve the quality of life for people. You cannot beat that. Even though I am just a small part of something much bigger, I feel proud and honoured to be here.  

Opportunities and trust  
Our company culture stands out. There is a mutual respect among colleagues, we focus on people – and we have a strong sense of drive. If you show passion, work hard, and take the lead, the opportunities seem endless. I have been given a great deal of autonomy and trust to work with projects and tasks that I can see make an impact, which personally fills me with energy. On top of that, we have a flexible set-up in my team which is also important to me. I thrive when I have the room to plan my own week and life, and there is a lot of wiggle room to do that in Grundfos. 

My best advice
Grundfos is an exciting company and a large organisation. Give yourself time to understand it and be curious. We all share the Grundfos culture and values, but we also have local pockets with many great activities and best practices to learn from. Another aspect I have to share with you are my colleagues. All the fantastic people you are going to meet. Network is key. Take advantage of the global dimension and the many skilled people with interesting and different backgrounds and cultural heritages. I find that my job is much easier, and I feel more motivated when I connect to people, both inside and outside Grundfos.   

Fun fact 
I have a not so corporate, more creative side, as my husband is an artist and tattooist. Through him, I have gotten to see the world and also experience a very colourful and vibrant creative environment. We have owned and managed a few studios and I probably have a few more tattoos than most people.

Meet Casper – our M&A number crunching scout 

Casper Larsen, M&A Specialist – Finance and Valuation

Who am I
I have a degree in Economics and Business Administration in Applied Economics and Finance from Copenhagen Business School. I joined Grundfos Vietnam as a consultant in 2009 and have since then had different positions throughout the group.

How I make a difference
Finding the right path can sometimes take time. After different positions within Finance, I am currently pursuing new challenges as a M&A Specialist in our fairly new M&A department in Corporate Affairs. We are a small team that assists with identifying possibilities in order to reach our strategic goals through e.g. acquisitions. It is a job that requires an effective and systematic management of internal and external stakeholders, not to mention the importance of being detail-oriented and to have a quick response time. We decidedly work closely with our group management members and the board of directors, as most considerations are of very strategic importance. We are a small team of four people, and we therefore rely a lot on internal stakeholders when evaluating possible acquisitions.

Global career
My career in Grundfos has covered several countries. With experience from Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, I can honestly say that I have gained valuable international insight into my profession as well as Grundfos. For me, this is extremely attractive and what made me choose Grundfos in the first place. However, the reason for me staying is different. During the first few years, I quickly discovered that Grundfos enables you to develop and grow professionally in line with your interests and career perspectives.

Work-life balance 
Being back in Denmark, my wife and three kids got the opportunity to move into one of the Grundfos houses that are located basically just across the street from my office. I really value that Grundfos is interested in helping me to both have a career but also to have a reasonable work-life balance. I usually say that Grundfos is almost like a big family. The company has a genuine ability to care for its employees, helping us through ups and downs.