Meet Lars – our values ambassador

Lars Emborg, Operations Technician

Who am I
As an Electronics Mechanic, I began the first part of my journey in Grundfos in 1995 where I worked at the electronics factory for three years. After five years outside Grundfos, I came back in 2003 with new experience and started with a brief period at the production line of our UP factory where we produce small pumps. Upon returning to Grundfos, I balanced work and courses that entitled me to become an Automation Fitter. I use the skills of this education in my current role as an Operations Technician at our CR factory where we produce larger pumps.  

How I make a difference
Working by the assembly line at our CR factory, I make sure that the machines are running smoothly. If colleagues in my team experience any problems, I am the first one they go to. I handle around 80 % of all repairs and the rest I send along to other good colleagues. Besides repairs, I always try to optimize and improve parts of the production wherever I can. And having been here for many years, I have gained more responsibility and now take part in new projects, which I really enjoy. Currently, I also have a role as a connector making sure that the new products developed by our engineers can work in an assembly line. I help them see what the product needs to function with a much larger number of production units. To me, it is very important that new products are developed by a team with different point of views, mine being from the production side.  

What drives me
When things succeed. However, I am especially driven by being the link between development and production. I simply like being included in many different projects and opportunities that arise along the way. At Grundfos, there are many possibilities if you are open to new opportunities and show interest. You can quickly gain more responsibility, which I really appreciate. I enjoy new challenges and to develop myself. And luckily, I have a great team and a manager that understands me. Everything is a team effort, and my manager and I prioritize all the different projects together if there are too many.  

A match in values
Grundfos is a well-structured company with a great set of values. There are many activities for employees and I really appreciate life-changing projects such as Water2Life which is a programme driven by employees. We share the same values which is unique and part of what makes me proud of working for Grundfos – a feeling that arise every time I see the logo around. 

At Grundfos, there is room for everyone, and people are taken care of. I am especially proud of our own flex department where people unable to work in their current job are moved to another department that fits their capabilities. We also have an integration policy that helps for example refugees, making me take on a role as a mentor for a colleague that was a refugee. My colleague is now taking courses and getting an education together with Grundfos. It is like getting a new friend, and we often give each other a pat on the back when meeting in the hallways. 

Fun fact
Even though I am not entirely young anymore, I love pop music and stand-up comedy. 

Meet Dario – our quality ambassador

Dario Wenz, Quality Engineer

Who am I
After my A level graduation in Germany, I joined Grundfos in 2015 as a part of an integrated degree programme in Industrial Engineering and Business Management. Grundfos has sponsored my degree while I have been working for the company between all semesters throughout my bachelor. With this agreement, I got to try out different departments in Grundfos Germany as i.e. controlling, maintenance, and business development. After writing my bachelor thesis with Grundfos, I finished my degree in 2019 where I moved to Denmark to work at the headquarter in Group Quality. 

How I make a difference
Working with quality excellence, I am leading a project called QRQC (Quick Response Quality Control) and similar strategic projects related to our overall quality capabilities. My role is to steer the project in the right direction making sure we reach our goals. I am proud of this role as for example the QRQC project detects quality issues or deviations from standards and immediately aims to solve them. This requires to be good at change management, as I essentially need to create new group standards and together with key stakeholders make the necessary changes. That is very important, as improving the overall quality level also means improving customer satisfaction. 

Thriving with responsibility
I am driven by being a part of Grundfos’ long term journey. In my role as a project manager, I get to influence not only the present, but also the future. And to get this opportunity in a large global organisation like Grundfos, is something I am truly proud of. Moreover, my managers support and trust me to make the right decisions. Hence, I really enjoy setting my own direction and taking on the responsibility of steering the process in the direction that in the end will add the most value for Grundfos and our customers. 

Living the values
Grundfos is an honest company and very people oriented. The company values are not just a piece of paper in a drawer, but management and employees live them. People here are very open, and all communication is very personal. I enjoy all the good discussions about any topic and new ideas, and even managers are always listening and trying to adopt your ideas. I really like the collaborative working culture here at Grundfos.  

Fun fact
Believe it or not, I have never watched Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings.