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Meet Andreas - our ukulele playing game-changer

Andreas Kolind, Manager, Customer Insights


Who am I  

I have a bachelor in Management Science from Manchester and a master in International Marketing from Strathclyde University in Glasgow. I joined Grundfos in 2005, and I have enjoyed seeing the company evolve as well as my career, being on my fifth job in Grundfos. I am especially proud of the work my team and I did almost 10 years ago, when we put special focus on growing our presence and capabilities in India, the Middle East, Africa and South America. It is amazing for me to see what they have become today. Not to mention the four years I spent as a sales manager in Grundfos Brazil. Grundfos is a dynamic company and new opportunities arise all the time. 

I feel I am part of the best team in Grundfos, because we have an impact on the daily lives of all our 6,500 colleagues supporting customers around the world.
Andreas Kolind

How I make a difference  

My most important role as a manager is to remove obstacles and ensure that my team evolves and flourish with their projects, as a team and as individuals. I feel I am part of the best team in Grundfos, because we have an impact on the daily lives of all our 6,500 colleagues supporting customers around the world. We develop tools, training concepts, support systems to help them give a better experience to our customers. And we ensure that the voice of customers is heard clearly when they give praise and criticism of our service. My team makes an important contribution to the success of our sales force.      

A match of values  

What makes the difference for me is the topic of water. Before I joined Grundfos, I worked in Nicaragua where access to safe water can be a real struggle and I saw first-hand the impact that water has on a community. That was partly what made me choose to work at Grundfos. A company that I can relate to with a vision and purpose that goes beyond just selling products, but instead driving change in the world. It is what convinced me to join in my early days and what keeps me motivated every day. 

That something special 

Having travelled and visited many Grundfos locations, I have learnt that we share something special - the Grundfos spirit. A strong, unique and very present culture no matter what corner of the company you visit. You can feel it when being with a colleague. It is a family feeling. We have a purpose larger than ourselves and we all have the same goal, making a difference. Essentially, it is all about the people. Working in the way we do, all with the same Grundfos spirit. We know we do something important and that ties us together. The culture defines us as a company. 

Fun fact 

I picked up playing ukulele some years ago and travel with it – also on business trips. It is great traveling with music.

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