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Meet Antonio – our work culture ambassador

Antonio Serra, Senior Supply Chain Director


Who am I

With an economy education from Italy, I started working in quality in a multinational company. Here, I quickly moved on to a job within supply chain where I worked for 14 years, moving from a plant perspective to a global group role. With a wish for new challenges, I relocated my wife and two daughters to join Grundfos in 2018. 

We are the bridge between customer needs and our production sites, listening to what is needed and making sure all customer requirements are met.
Antonio Serra

How I make a difference

In Supply Chain, we manage two things: information flow and goods flow. Both are my responsibilities in Europe and the Middle East. We are in the middle of everything and ensure that things are happening at the right time and in the right way. We are the bridge between customer needs and our production sites, listening to what is needed and making sure all customer requirements are met. But I do not only want to make a difference for our customer. I also want to make a difference for my team. I see myself as a coach, where my job is to influence and figure out what each person is best at. People management and coaching is the part I enjoy the most about my job.  


That special culture

I continue to be amazed by the trust we have for each other and our partners. The engagement is clearly shown in our company hashtag #proudtobegrundfos. It is not just a slogan, but really something you feel from everyone in the company. Colleagues are doing their utmost for the greater good of Grundfos, not just for their individual cause. Grundfos combines industrial production with care for the environment, so you really feel a sense of purpose. You can make a difference while working on real things that challenges you constantly. That is why I am proud to be working for Grundfos.   

And then of course, not to forget, all the social activities like the Grundfos Olympics. I was fortunate enough to experience this during my second year and it is a great example of what makes us as a company.  It was truly an amazing experience. 

Fun fact

According to my colleagues, I am not a normal Italian - I can keep time.

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