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Meet Christian - our customer focused ambassador

Christian Schou, Lead Business Development Manager


Who am I

Natural science has always been my passion, which is why I chose to enroll at an education in Microbial Ecology. After several detours, different innovation courses, and nearly a full education as a wine merchant, I graduated before starting my career as the technical manager at a production site of single households and minor industrial wastewater plants. Here, I managed everything from production of the plants, marketing and sales to the operation and optimization of the plants. This experience led me to become a consultant for five years before being asked to come to Grundfos, where I, in 2011, joined the Global Water Utility Business Development Segment, as Grundfos wanted to start working with wastewater plants and the processes of these. Perfect fit.

Application management is all about explaining the customers how they can implement a new solution and how it will create value.
Christian Schou

How I make a difference

Being a Lead Business Development Manager, it is all about seeing the big picture. I am an expert within hydrogen sulphide, not pumps, but I have the knowledge overview that connects many different parts of the business. I talk to our engineers about opportunities based on data from customer visits. During these visits, I learn how I can support my sales colleagues and help them to sell new digital offerings and solution. We call it “train the trainer”. And as we have very enthusiastic and competent salespeople, this is always a pleasure. Nevertheless, my primary, and favourite task, is talking to our customers. Application management is all about explaining the customers how they can implement a new solution and how it will create value.

Driven by innovation

Another great thing about my job is the time spent developing. I am especially proud of being part of the hydrogen sulphide solution development team, as well as the team behind the digital solution, Wastewater Network. We need to listen to our customers and their needs to develop new global solutions.  


We care for each other 

I have a very global function where I travel a lot and work from many different places and still with a great work-life balance. Everywhere I go, I feel part of the Grundfos community. The possibilities really are endless if you have a curious mindset and believe that you never stop learning. If you have an idea and argue for it, anything is possible. Grundfos sees its people and we take care of each other. There is a very strong sense of togetherness. 

Fun fact 

I am really nerdy about everything I do. Whether it being wine, cycling or the fact that I always bring swim pants everywhere I travel – there might be some water I need to explore.

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