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Meet Christina – our colleague who always seizes the moment

Christina Nedergaard Kristensen, Process Manager


Who am I

With my entire family working at Grundfos, I feel like I grew up with the company. My journey started very early with factory work during summer vacations. Later, I became a trainee and worked in different departments before continuing my studies. After graduation, I continued my journey in Grundfos as a Production Planner before moving on to different roles within purchasing.

Enhancing knowledge sharing across companies is essential when operating on a global level.
Christina Nedergaard Kristensen

How I make a difference

I am responsible for our Operational Procurement Management process, which is global cross-functional and standardised processes. It is the foundation for making the right sourcing decisions in the supply chain and that we do things in the most efficient and beneficial way. Enhancing knowledge sharing across companies is essential when operating on a global level. I thrive in exactly this environment, as there are always new projects and challenges to tackle. 

Great career opportunities

In 2015, I was offered my abroad adventure as a Process Manager in Grundfos Switzerland. As my husband was also offered a job within purchasing, we decided to relocate the entire family, living there for 2,5 years. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it really brought the family, and especially my two kids, together in an entirely new way.  

Whether it is moving from one job role to another or moving your entire family to a new country, there are unlimited possibilities at Grundfos – you just need to grab them. 


That special culture

Grundfos is a special place where you get to make a difference in the world. There is respect amongst colleagues and the way Grundfos treats employees is quite unique. Your leaders always have your back and you get full support on your journey within Grundfos. I am always happy coming to work, as we have fun in the office and in the entire organisation. The last couple of years, I have joined a skiing trip with 40 other Grundfos employees, which is just one of the many great Grundfos traditions. I have taken an active role in upholding these and introducing our fantastic culture to our new colleagues. It is something truly special. 

Fun fact

Not only did I become a skiing enthusiast during our time in Switzerland, I recently started “Badminton Moms” in my hometown.

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