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Meet Rose - our young frontrunner

Rose Kampmann, Lead Business Developer


Who am I

I have a bachelor in Sociology and a double master’s degree in Market & Consumption and Chinese Area Studies. I have always wanted to work on the environmental challenges we face, why I also did a lot of volunteer work during my studies. Therefore, I was very happy to start my journey in Grundfos in 2014, where I started out as an intern and student assistant before continuing full time. 

We always work to improve the customer experience and I would not succeed without the best team of developers and engineers.
Rose Kampmann

How I make a difference

Being a Lead Digital Business Developer, I take pride in commercializing new services and digital offerings. As a product owner, I develop IoT solutions for commercial buildings, some of which help make buildings more energy efficient. There is much more equipment in a plant room than a pump, and we have created a box for this with a combined user interface that makes sure the end user has a good experience inside the building. For facility managers, the most important thing is the operations of the building, making it important to supply solutions and not only pumps. We always work to improve the customer experience and I would not succeed without the best team of developers and engineers.  


Fast track career

I have a go-do attitude and embrace all challenges – even in areas I am not familiar with. I can always just learn it, right? I love to learn and if you show passion and willingness to expand your knowledge, Grundfos is ready to give you a chance. And with this attitude, I have been on a fast career track that started with small pumps in small buildings and continued to large solutions. In 2014, I started working on different apps, taking an algorithm and transforming it into an accessible user interface. One of these apps, GO Balance, for hydraulic balancing of heaters for the ALPHA 3 pump, was the first large project that kickstarted my career. Being in the lead, I not only worked on design, but embraced the entire vision resulting in a Danish Design Award in 2016. It was great being recognized, but it meant much more that customers embraced it. Since then, I have had the opportunity to join many interesting and top priority projects like for example the Digitalization Task Force setting the digital direction for Grundfos. Priceless for a, at that time, 26-year-old employee eager to contribute and learn. Currently, I am on a track to become a Project Manager going through different management courses to prepare me. 


My world

Having worked on both the technical and commercial side of development, I am able to unite the two. I am driven by being ‘the glue’ that connects the logical and emotional side of our solutions. The best of both worlds. But mostly, I am a purpose-driven individual, and at Grundfos I get to work with colleagues that share my passion. We see a meaning in what we do. That we produce and sell solutions that make a real difference to the world. It is my highest priority, and the fact that I can use my competences to make a difference is what gets me up in the morning. That is why I am here, and why I will stay here. With everything Grundfos has to offer, this is the place for me.  

This is my world. I can be myself here, as everyone is welcome at Grundfos. There is room for being different – people do not walk away but embrace it. Every day, I leave work feeling happy and smarter. To create something together in a company with which you share the same values trumps everything else. 

Fun fact

I am the daughter of nothing less than two priests.

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