Danish bank doubles its return on energy investment

We've saved 60% on the new pumps alone in our operations. That's not bad at all.
Leo Høeg, Chief Engineer at Jyske Bank, Denmark

When Jyske Bank in Denmark finds ways to cut its annual energy use, it "doubles" the return on its investment by reducing its CO2 emissions and also saving money.

"We have an energy-focused approach at Jyske Bank, since energy gets more and more expensive," says Leo Høeg, Chief Engineer at Jyske Bank, the third largest financial institution on the Danish market. "We have made room in our budget to invest in technical solutions that optimise our energy consumption – like replacing old pumps. We are constantly energy-optimising."

In 2015, the bank was renovating part of its headquarters in Silkeborg, Denmark. This included installing new piping for the heating system. It made sense to Leo Høeg to check the pumps, so he contacted energy specialist Torben Bendtsen of Henning Mortensen plumbing.

"I recommend Grundfos pumps because they are energy-efficient and reliable," says installer Torben Bentsen.

"Torben has a keen eye for detail and comes up with energy-friendly solutions," says Leo Høeg.

The renovation required installing three circulator loops for heating, and Bendtsen recommended replacing three older pumps with Grundfos MAGNA3 circulators. "We chose the MAGNA3 because it's energy-efficient, reliable, easy to install and future-proof," says Torben Bendtsen.

The savings came through quickly. "We've saved 60% on the new pumps alone in our operations," says Leo Høeg. "That's not bad at all."

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