Poor flow to new Pump glow


Gumeracha, in the northern Adelaide Hills, is one of South Australia’s oldest settled areas. Famous for being the home of the Big Rocking Horse, Gumeracha became an agricultural centre during the 1840s. To this day, it is still surrounded by vineyards, dairy cattle, orchards and market gardening.

Known for its immaculately kept gardens and floral displays, it comes as no surprise that many of Gumeracha’s residents are water conscious, relying predominantly on rainwater harvesting and groundwater to keep their gardens going.

Waterborepump Warehouse, an Authorised Grundfos Dealer, were called out to assist a customer in November 2019. The original service was to investigate a deteriorating flow from the bore pump into the header tank, from which they irrigate their garden and hold water in case of bushfires.

On test starting and stopping of the pump, Grant Phillips (the Service technician) identified the most likely cause of the problem was a hole in the steel pump column. Once pulled from the ground, it was found that this was indeed the case, he pump was operating, but not tripping the breaker. The pump column and old flat TPS cable was in need of replacement.

Having extracted the pump from the ground, a relatively costly procedure, the customer discovered the pump was produced in 1982. An incredible 37 years of service! Even though the hole was only in the pump column, the customer decided to go ahead and upgrade the entire installation, replacing the pump and motor with the latest Grundfos Submersible pump – renowned for their high efficiency and reliability. On the recommendation from Grant Phillips at Waterborepump Warehouse, the customer opted for a Grundfos SP11-27  built to deliver optimum efficiency during periods of high demand, providing low long-term costs and high operating reliability.


‘Having operated for 37 years, without any problems – we didn’t think twice before installing a second Grundfos Submersible Bore pump. We can rest easy knowing that our Grundfos pump will keep our garden irrigated and our water holding tank full should we need it.’