Doing business with us

Grundfos Group Purchasing

Grundfos Group Purchasing is responsible for sourcing goods and services for the group as well as selecting suppliers, negotiating the agreement and developing relationship with our suppliers both at group and local level. Our organization has a network of purchase profession across all our plants.

Invoicing requirements

To allow us to pay our suppliers on time, invoices must contain a number of details so that they can pass directly through the invoice process. In the below document you will find Grundfos’ invoicing requirements for all our entities. Start by searching for the country, then for the Grundfos company and find the relevant requirements.

Download (.xlsx)

Becoming our supplier

We truly believe that to serve our customer best, the right supplier is the key. We focus on having the right price-quality relation and developing sustainable and value creating relationship with our supplier is significant.


Access for current suppliers

Our Supplier Extranet offers Supplier Network Collaboration and Document Access for existing suppliers.

We do sustainable business

In Grundfos, Social Responsibility and Sustainability are deeply founded in our values. We believe this to be essential when building and developing trusting relationship with our suppliers.

We wish to influence our suppliers to contribute to responsible and  sustainable development and to demonstrate responsible sub-supplier  management, like we do ourselves. We therefore expect our suppliers to  actively take responsibility for not only their own actions and  activities, but also for their suppliers. Therefore, the Supplier Code of Conduct applies to all Grundfos suppliers. The suppliers are also responsible for ensuring that their sub-suppliers comply with this code.