Dreaming of a green career

“Do you want to save the world?” The question posed by the college marketing material was broad yet simple. “Yes, that is exactly what I want,” thought Eva Krajcikova, who consequently took up studies in Climate and Supply Engineering.

This summer, the 23-year-old, who hails from a Hungarian minority in Slovakia, joined 47 other students from 13 different countries at the Water Management Summer School in Denmark – an initiative by Aarhus University and leading Danish water companies, including Grundfos.

“By doing small things, I believe I can somehow impact the world,” she says. An upbringing close to nature started the route to where she is today.

“I am a scout, and in scout camps we had to lead rain water away from our tents if we did not want to get soaked. In some way or another, this experience together with other worldwide problems inspired me to specialize in water management,” Eva Krajcikova says of her motivation.

Learning from new talents
Grundfos support the summer school as an official partner, provide course material and have welcomed students at Bjerringbro headquarters. Here, the students received lectures by some of our water experts Christian Schou, Cedric Macleod, Bruno Kiilerich, Bhupendra Poudel and Sune Neve.

With water solutions at the core of Grundfos’ future priorities, furthering the next generation of innovators is crucial.

“We accelerate our focus on water solutions as we continue to tackle the world’s water and climate challenges. If we are to meet our ambitions, we need new talents with cutting-edge knowledge and ability to innovate. We want to help develop them and learn from them. Getting behind this summer school makes perfect sense for us,” says Morten Riis, Group Director, Grundfos.

Future aspirations
As the summer school ends, Eva Krajcikova looks to the immediate and long-term future.

“I imagine a master’s degree and possibly a Ph.D. At some stage, I want to find ways of making the most of natural water resources”.