Growing successfully with a bright future in China

One new sales office opened in Zhengzhou. Another in Hefei. Both within a few days of each other. Add to that the plans of another opening in Hangzhou, and you can spot the pattern: Grundfos is expanding its presence in China. The two new offices are the 19th and 20th in the country, and they are important, strategical tread stones for extending our reach in China.

“China is growing. And a lot of this growth is happening in Middle- and Western China. We are established in these areas, but we want to increase our presence. Get even closer to customers. Understanding their needs, and being able of solving their challenges quickly. And to do this, we need to build even stronger, local presence,” says Humphrey Lau, Regional Managing Director of Grundfos China.

The growth and economical power of several areas in China is tangible. Quite a few of the areas around the tier 1 and 2 cities have economies of equivalent size to European countries as e.g. Spain, Portugal or Austria. And cities are growing rapidly.

“We know this trend, and that is of course also a reason to why we strategically decided to expand in Middle and Western China, a movement we actually initiated some years ago,” says Humphrey Lau with reference to e.g. the opening of a large sales office and an assembly plant in the city of Chongqing.

The recently established offices are not expected to be the last new additions to Grundfos’ Chinese map. Other cities and areas have been identified as part of our strategy for growth in China, and we are expecting to keep opening new branches during the coming years.

“We want to be the ones in our business with the strongest geographical presence. And with the moves we make, we will be,” concludes Humphrey Lau.