Grundfos joins the Alibaba Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance

The fight to protect intellectual property rights is becoming increasingly important for companies all over the world. While defending these rights is crucial, doing it successfully across borders, geographies and jurisdictions is often highlighted as a pressing problem and significant challenge for global businesses.

By joining the AACA – a global coalition of companies collaborating to prevent infringements of IP rights – Grundfos has access to a set of digital tools to protect its technology in the fast-growing and important Chinese market.

“Joining Alibaba’s Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance marks yet another significant step in our work to protect our intellectual property rights. We are proud to be part of this alliance amongst so many great companies. This gives us the opportunity to continue to offer our water technology to consumers, whilst at the same time stopping infringements more efficiently and offering our expertise and knowledge to further advance the work of the alliance,” says Astrid Nørgaard Friis, General Counsel at Grundfos.

“Through AACA we have established an environment of multi-party cooperation which strengthens IP protection for the benefit of rights holders, e-commerce platforms and consumers alike. Alibaba is delighted Grundfos has become an AACA member, joining us in our collective endeavour to further IP rights,” says Michael Yao, Head of Brand Cooperation at Alibaba Group.

“In recent years Denmark has taken great efforts to promote bilateral trade with China, and cooperating on IP plays an important role in that effort. Alibaba has always been very supportive of Danish companies and brands, and whenever we make introductions to them, Alibaba does everything possible to support their IP rights. The Alibaba Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance (AACA) is a unique and ambitious project for the IP community, and in March 2019 I had the pleasure of speaking at the AACA Spring Conference. I am pleased to say that several Danish companies have already joined AACA, and in May 2019 I had the pleasure of introducing Grundfos, which is an outstanding Danish company. So, I'm delighted that Grundfos has now become a part of AACA, and the Danish Consulate will continue to support their cooperation with Alibaba however possible,” says Jesper Herold Halle, Commercial Consul, Consulate General of Denmark in Shanghai

IP protection efforts are not limited to online marketplaces. The alliance led by Alibaba Group also undertakes many other initiatives, such as collaborating with authorities to stop the infringements at the source, and facilitates crackdowns on manufacturing and distribution facilities. Alibaba and members of the AACA use their combined industry expertise combined with the latest anti-counterfeiting technology to protect intellectual property through key initiatives including proactive monitoring, public awareness activities, offline enforcement, civil litigation, employee training, law enforcement exchanges, policy study, and even a counter-notice verification project.

The AACA consists of more than 170 rights holders (representing over 500 brands) from around the world, covering a diverse range of industries. AACA members are divided into 14 industry working groups to allow for better information-sharing within their sectors. Grundfos is joining the industrial goods group. The industrial goods group’s cooperation is currently focused on furthering online IP protection through proactive monitoring of problematic listings, offline cooperation and raids, as well as raising public awareness around IP protection and the value of genuine goods.