Grundfos NoNox takes the green lead

Air pollution is one of the greatest environmental challenges facing the transportation industry. Therefore, the industry takes it seriously.
Maybe more surprisingly Grundfos is also deeply involved in solving the challenge. However, there is a logic explanation for this. The cornerstone is to be found at the Grundfos production facility in France.

Close cooperation
Here, General Manager Clement Fickinger has built an expert team, which has during the last couple of years worked hard and dedicated to create a solution not only to meet the challenge, but also a solution that has already proven to be a commercial success.
“From day one, NoNox has had a vision of how new technology and innovation would generate new added value for the customers and the public. Simultaneously, the marketplace has recognized that our solution can solve a major challenge. We have had this knowledge in mind during the development of the NoNox solution. Based on our innovative Digital Dosing Pump technology, specific automotive products were developed. Digital Dosing technology allows very accurate dosing, precisely what is needed to minimize pollution from the combustion of fossil fuels. The development of the technology and the cooperation between Grundfos France, the Business Development Centre in Bjerringbro and external partners is indeed a true innovation story”, underlines Clement Fickinger.

Commercial breakthrough
The first major commercial breakthrough came in the early summer of 2006 when Grundfos signed an agreement with Cummins Emission Solutions to supply digital urea dosing pumps. The agreement between Grundfos and Cummins Emission Solutions is effective through to December 2009. Clement Fickinger explains that the pump was developed in close cooperation with Cummins Emission Solutions. “We have worked very closely with Cummins to apply our extensive pump experience to diesel engine applications.”

Impressive setup
The production facility of Grundfos France, including the NoNox Urea Dosing System, is situated in Longeville-Les-Saint Avold in the Lorraine region in north-eastern France close to Germany.

In a separate building, a dedicated team of specialists and sales people are prepared to meet the demands from the market. “The setup is a clear indication that we are on course. From a customer point of view, the quality and performance of the technology are key. Furthermore, the ability to supply the products quickly and without compromising the quality is central if you want to do business with customers in the automotive industry. Among other things, this means that several of our customers have visited us in order to verify that our production facilities meet their expectations. And the French factory is certified in accordance with ISO TS 16949. To Cummins, the sum of our technological and business competences has played a decisive part in their choice of us as a supplier”, explains Clement Fickinger.

Facts about NoNox A/S:

Grundfos NoNox A/S is a portfolio company within Grundfos New Business A/S, itself a company within the Grundfos Group. The Grundfos Group is dedicated to the development of new technologies and new business areas. The group constantly seeks opportunities to create long-term growth within all business areas.

How to reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides

One of the groups of pollutants that have been legislated about, namely nitrogen oxides - called NOx (for NO and NO2), are mainly produced in connection with combustion in diesel engines.

In order for engines to meet the reduction requirements, after treatment systems have been developed, as engine settings cannot provide such low emissions.

SCR technology converts NOx exhaust gases to water and nitrogen by a chemical reaction with a reactant (often urea) in a catalytic converter in the exhaust gas.