This is to inform you of a safety notice and to ask you for your immediate assistance.

Based on our own investigations, we have come to the conclusion that you might have products in stock, or have sold products, which under a number of circumstances, may pose a chemical risk.

The products in question are our standard foot valves (see fig. 1) when used in combination with oxidising chemicals, such as Peracetic Acid (PAA) and Hydrogen Peroxides (H2O2) mixtures. The foot valves are sold stand alone, in kits and together with dosing pumps.

Figure: 1

Safety Issue:

Due to mechanical or physical impact, chemical degradation or chemical incompatibility, there is a possibility that the moulding of the weight of the foot valve can get worn down over time and expose the carbon steel inside the foot valve to the oxidising chemical.

In this event a chemical reaction might occur which ultimately could lead to the dosing container leaking or even splashing chemical. The safety notice only applies to use with oxidising chemicals, such as Peracetic Acid (PAA) and Hydrogen Peroxides (H2O2) mixtures.


When using the foot valves in combination with oxidising chemicals such as Peracetic Acid (PAA) and Hydrogen Peroxides (H2O2) mixtures, the following instructions need to be followed:

  • All PE or PVDF moulded black carbon weights should be replaced by a ceramic weight and new strainer
  • Always use protective gear when exchanging the chemical tanks (splashing screen or goggles and gloves with long sleeves)
  • Always install proper venting of the chemical tank to avoid pressure build up in the tank
  • Inspection of the foot valve at every tank exchange
  • Follow the instructions on the M-SDS of the chemical you are dosing. Contact your chemical supplier for further advice.


Grundfos has created two new replacement kits including the new ceramic weight and strainer to replace the actual moulded one. The replacement kits fit to both the foot valve with and without level switches:

  • PE versions: PN 92700245
  • PVDF versions: PN 92700239

These replacement kits can be ordered free of charge at your local Grundfos Sales Company.

Grundfos strongly urges you as a valued customer to:

1. Stop selling the foot valves for use with oxidising chemicals.

2. Forward the attached e-mail to relevant customers who you know, or suspect have bought Grundfos standard foot valves for use with oxidising chemicals.

3. Please contact your local Grundfos representative for ordering replacement kits as needed.

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but safety, responsibility and reliability are our first priority.

Please note that due to the safety risk and the urgency, we expect that you as our valued and trusted partner will take the necessary actions to handle this issue without hesitation.

Best regards,

Grundfos Oceania Leadership Team