Joining forces for a better future

We are committed to delivering solutions that strengthen the reliability and sustainability of the water supply in the developing world. By joining hands with BRAC, we are taking effort to honor this commitment. BRAC is a Bangladesh based enterprise committed to working with communities to solve their problems by eradicating poverty and creating social enterprise while focusing on overall development including water and sanitation.

BRAC is working in eleven countries and reaches 120 million people, aiding the most marginalized people in extremely poor, conflict-prone, and post-disaster settings. Partnerships such as this is a necessary step in combatting the world’s water crisis as it enables our products and solutions to be put to work, where the need is dire, and they can make a great impact.

- If we want to make a real difference, we need partnerships. By teaming up with BRAC we can accelerate our efforts to deliver clean water to millions of people in need, and at the same time transform our business towards an even greater positive impact, says Mads Nipper, Group President and CEO.

Sharing the same values is what empowers this partnership to make great opportunities for taking the world’s water crisis head on and create ripples into communities in need around the world.

- BRAC is delighted to have signed a partnership agreement with Grundfos. We feel very much aligned with their work, values and products and are truly excited about the potential for the partnership to have huge impact through the delivery of safe water to millions of people living in poverty.  I'm very much looking forward to seeing the partnership grow and flourish, says Lewis Temple, CEO, BRAC UK.

One of the key initiatives in our partnership is the WASH services. BRAC has been working on breaking the cycle of contamination due to bad hygiene and sanitation for nearly 85 million people in Bangladesh, who lack access to basic sanitation facilities. With our new and innovative technologies to remove contaminants from water, such as salt, iron and other heavy contaminants we can help combat the water challenges while working together to advocate the case for universal access to clean water and SDG 6.

- With this partnership we set out to create opportunities, not only for the people who need access to safe water, we also get to demonstrate the benefits of our pioneering approach, gain valuable insights and mark ourselves as an innovative leader in delivering sustainable services, says Peter Trillingsgaard, Group Vice President, Group Communication & Public Affairs.