Keeping warm with less energy waste in China

Sub-zero temperatures are normal during winter in Qingdao, China. When the chill winds from the Yellow Sea blow, and the city’s 3 million plus inhabitants find shelter in their homes, most of them are kept warm by Qingdao Power Group’s district heating. The enterprise is a trendsetter in China, known for its high-tech solutions, energy efficiency and high level of ambitions. That is why other Chinese companies in the district heating business are looking towards Qingdao when seeking inspiration. And that is why Qingdao Power Group poses high demands to its partners. For pumps, it is Grundfos.

“The quality of the pumps is absolutely top class. They are extraordinarily reliable, and they will keep on performing. At the same time, they are highly energy efficient, and that is very important to us,” says Liu Xueliang, Vice General Manager of Qingdao Energy Group.

It is among other things TP and CR pumps from Grundfos, which are put to use in the heating conglomerate’s plants.

Warmth from waste
Qingdao Power Group and Grundfos’ relationship transcends a customer-supplier cooperation. The companies insist on developing their skills in cooperation. Among other things, this has sent the Chinese heating corporation on a visit to Denmark, where they looked closer at how to supply the city’s heating through waste heat.

“This is most interesting, and gave us great insights into how to use alternative energy sources in a district heating system. This is something we will look deeper into,” says Liu Xueliang.

The Danish experiences with district heating are interesting. Also in an environmental perspective. Since 1973, the heating energy requirements per inhabitant have been reduced by more than 50 per cent. The visit was arranged in cooperation with Grundfos, and apart from the hands-on experiences gathered from the Danish district heating company, there was also room for brushing up on the technology necessary to supply the very best product.

“We want our customers to have the best possible product. The same is the case for Grundfos, and that’s another reason why we enjoy this partnership very much. We know, we will be supplied with great solutions,” says Liu Xueliang.

Raising the bar together
To further emphasise the strength of the relationship between Qingdao Power Group and Grundfos, the two companies have extended their partnership with a strategic partnership agreement. Here, part of the focus is scaling the technological level of the Chinese company by employing high-tech solutions from Grundfos.

“This is an important step for us. Qingdao Energy Group is a very valued customer, which persistently challenges us to supply them with the best and most advanced products. We will be able to refine our technology with them, and we will gain valuable customer insights from a trendsetter in a growing business,” says Zhi Fei Wu, Senior Sales Manager, District Energy at Grundfos.