Making waves for water and the world

Our Water Heroes brought skill, dedication and a strong fighting spirit to the field, as they shared their passion for water with the crowd.

Colorful outfits, battle cries and Global Goals banners come to life in the hands of committed women, fighting for a more sustainable future. We are at the heart of the Global Goals World Cup in Copenhagen, and here everybody's hearts beat for the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Water Heroes enter the pitch, starting a wave to engage the crowd while the wind move their capes, making them look like streams of water. Reminding everyone of the cause, they are fighting for, SDG 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation.

The ball is in the court, the whistle blows, the game is on.

Each team play for a goal of their own choice, and it is not the performance on the field that determines the outcome of the match. Each team has made extra efforts to support their goal and create more commitment for their SDG. This is rated and additional points are given based on match result, crowd engagement, and team style.

Placing the ball between the metal bars that make out the goal, is still important, but it is the passion for the selected cause along with the football skills that determines who goes home victorious.

"Being able to play football is not enough, you also have to do something for the Sustainable Development Goals. Our teams are not necessarily the best in the world, we have many amateurs, we have women from all kinds of backgrounds, but they are the best for the world," says Rikke Rønholt, co-founder of Global Goals World Cup.

As the Global Goals footballs where in play in the concrete courts, important messages were on point and the tournament revealed, which teams were able to back their goal up by sending the ball in the back of the net.

Staying on top of their game, our Water Heroes brought home one victory after another, they won their group and made it all the way to the semifinals, where they lost in a nerve wrecking penalty shoot-out to Team Hestia, who went on to win the final and highlight their goal SDG16 - Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions. Our heroes however won the prize for the best costumes​, making sure they got their message through and presented their passion for clean water.

Highlighting the Global Goals, proving willpower and passion that can inspire others to make a difference. That is what the tournament is all about. By conveying the message of strength and making friends along the way, all the teams were fighting for the same thing - making the world a better place.​