Now this red colour is ours

For the first time a company in Denmark succeeded in having a colour registered as a trademark. It has only happened a few times in the EU so far, according to Ms Kristina Klimova, Legal Counsel at Grundfos Holding.

- We now have a confirmation that only we are allowed to use the well known red colour coded NCS 4050R G5359 for circulator pumps.

Synonymous with Grundfos

The process of registering the red colour has been going on for two years. Included in the process was a big market survey in which persons in the business were asked whether they know the colour.

- The survey showed that 96 percent of people in the business connect the red circulator pumps with Grundfos and this is really impressive. It gives us a unique basis when in the future we'll try to stop imitators of our UPS and ALPHA pumps, she said.