Our motors defy Swedish winter temperatures

Some places the MGE-motors help clean lakes from pollution. Other places they keep the fish alive, when a thick layer of ice or snow otherwise would make the water dark and deprived of oxygen. All tasks are solved completely without the use of chemicals and even the lowest temperatures cannot stop the motors that are placed on a floating raft. From here, via a shaft and a propeller, they add air to the water.

Saved by electronics
The floating apparatus is developed by the Swedish environmental company Eden Aquatech AB, who earlier have tried motors from other companies - without luck, as they were not able to withstand the freezing temperatures.

“When the thermometer shows minus 20 degrees, the cold weather makes water thick and the air becomes icy. This is straining the motors so much that the first ones we used overheated and stopped”, says Svend Kofod Petersen, Director of Eden Aquatech AB.

It was not until he got in contact with Leif Thomassen from the Danish Grundfos sales company, who is responsible for the group’s sale of motors, that he got his problem solved.

“The Grundfos motors are always working perfectly, because when the temperature drops, they can regulate their performance, with help from the incorporated electronics, so they are not overloaded. And another big difference is that they use far less energy, than the other motors we have tried”, explains Sven Kofod Petersen.

Remote control via app
Leif Thomasen continuously helps Svend Kofod Petersen refine and develop equipment further - by, among other things, providing the motors with wireless remote control and surveillance. This way, technicians can control the motor and keep an eye on the operation via a pc or a smartphone with a Grundfos GO-app. On the pc it is also possible, with the help of Grundfos remote Management, to check if everything is working and if it is delivering the expected energy savings.

“It is exciting to work with a costumer, who has excellent skills as an inventor and exposes our motors for strains they otherwise rarely are exposed to”, says Leif Thomassen.

Svend Petersen is also happy that not only has he found a motor that never fails, but also a professional partner.

“I would never dream of finding another supplier”, he says.