Partnership Advances Water’s Digital Future

Grundfos and Augury, a fast-growing data analytics company and leading Digital Machine Health solution provider, are taking a major step toward digitizing water and utility infrastructure worldwide by signing a long-term strategic partnership. Together, they will develop smart diagnostics solutions and services for Grundfos’ customers.

The two companies have already been working together successfully over the past two years to test new products and service offerings across several markets and industries. Now, they are committing to the next step, offering a range of services and new business models enabled by connected equipment.

“By adding an AI-driven intelligence layer on top of existing assets, we can automatically collect mechanical and operational data, providing actionable machine health insights and diagnostics to our customers and service organisation,” says Tommy Due Høy, Group VP, Global Service & Solutions, Grundfos. He believes the partnership puts down a marker for future solutions.

“When we stand ten, fifteen years from now, this could end up being one of those defining moments where we took a real step forward,” he adds.

Augury works with the world’s largest manufacturers and industrial companies to transform their operations by providing real-time diagnostics regarding the health and performance of their machines. The combination of Augury’s AI-based solutions with Grundfos’ deep applications expertise has the potential to change water delivery and services as we know them.

“Water is at the core of how we live, work, and thrive - yet it often goes unnoticed,” says Saar Yoskovitz, Co-Founder and CEO of Augury. “Through this partnership Grundfos and Augury will work to make water a safer, more available and more useful resource for businesses, individuals and even nations worldwide.”

“We have spent the last eight years working with manufacturers and utilities to ensure that people around the world can always rely on the machines that matter and have seen first-hand the impact it brings. I am thrilled to be partnering with Grundfos to bring this impact to a wider market.”

“Our applications knowledge has consistently been the key differentiator for us to provide best-in-class pumping solutions to the world. As we prepare our portfolio for the future, it is key that we leverage this knowledge base to build more intelligence, IoT, remote monitoring and advanced diagnostics into our offerings to ensure differentiation, which is one of the highest priorities for Grundfos,” said Anupam Bhargava, Group Vice President, Industry at Grundfos.