Providing the best water in Karelia

We get our water supply from an aquafer, that covers most of southern Karelia. Three large pumps from Grundfos deliver water to our building complex with around 5,000 people,” explains Vitaliy Markov, General Manager of Drevlyanka Vlll – a part of Chistiy Gorod.

Our own water supply
The words Chistiy Gorod mean clear city, the name for a huge building development project that is taking place among the woods, flying ducks and a lonely elk that roams the area.

“When we had to decide whether to be on public water or invest in our owns wells, the most important factor was the cost. We could save half by having our own system,” says Vitaliy Markov, who lives in one of the flats himself.

Preferred supplier
Grundfos was chosen as the main supplier for the complete system – including SP and NB pumps, frequency converter, filtration, aeration and chlorification. Three huge 26 kWatt SP pumps deliver an average of 2000 m3 per day, but the pumps and disinfection system don’t run all the time. They normally work five days per week. Water for daily usage is taken from two huge storage tanks.

“Grundfos was the only supplier that offered a full and complete system that also included service. Because of digitalization the total system is run by only two people, compared to other systems that require up to ten people. The single most important factor was the excellent energy efficiency in the system, that has resulted in significant savings,” says Rodion Andreev,  Manager of Vodokanal 3.

Best water in the area
According to the general manager of the building complex, the water quality is the best in Karelia. The water is natural and healthy.  Today people even talk about it in the city, when comparing to the water from the lake.

“We are spoiled with water in this area, but I often hear that new tenants are surprised how fresh and tasty our water is. It puts an extra flavor to our name Chistiy Gorod,” says Vitaliy Markov.

Room for expansion
Soon a new building complex will be erected. Drevlyanka Vl is in the making and will be finished in 2023/24. That means the demand for water from the underground river will increase over time. And to meet the rising demand a new well is in the planning.

“We will increase the capacity by 50 percent,” says Dmitriy Potashev, Sales Engineer from Grundfos. “Not only by drilling a new well, but also by increasing the flow in the existing installation. That will make this water utility the biggest and only of its kind in the whole of Karelia.”