Quick return on investment with our new mixer range

With power prices always on the rise, specifying and installing energy-efficient equipment can quickly lead to significant savings. This is particularly true when equipment runs around the clock; for every hour of operation, it adds up. We now introduce a complete range of mixers, flowmakers and recirculation pumps that give many advantages in the wastewater treatment processes and similar applications. 

"Our new range offers significantly reduced power consumption," says Global Product Manager Tonny Ejnar Rasmussen of Grundfos.

"In addition, all of our mixer products come with high-quality features that prolong service life and minimise maintenance, providing even greater savings for the end user."

Covers all applications
The new Grundfos mixer range includes SMD and SMG mixers, SFG flowmakers and SRG recirculation pumps. All products feature best-in-class hydraulic design and IE3 motor components, giving all models superior thrust to power ratio. Furthermore, all products come with numerous quality features that ensure dependable long-term operation and minimise maintenance costs.When specifying mixer equipment for treatment plants, it is important to select equipment that is not oversized, thereby consuming too much power.

The complete Grundfos mixer range covers all applications with minimal performance gaps, thus enabling energy efficient product selection and significantly lowering construction and operation costs. Furthermore, a range of complementary products such as remote monitoring solutions and variable frequency drives enable Grundfos to help treatment professionals optimise and increase the efficiency of various treatment applications.

"Our new mixer range helps system designers and end users meet treatment targets with lower energy consumption for a wide range of applications," concludes Tonny Ejnar Rasmussen.

"We can assist our customers throughout the system design and specification phases to develop solutions that provide low lifecycle costs and hydraulic stability."