Social responsibility requires leadership

Former CEO and Chairman of the Poul Due Jensen Foundation, Niels Due Jensen, welcomed 200 guests by sharing the story about our social engagement and how our commitment has grown strong and global. He reminded the invitees about the importance of continuing the good work, and emphasised, among others, the talented managers who run the flex-departments.

“They are very talented and possess a fine mix of empathy and inclusivity. This is also needed to meet the different needs that exist in a flex-department, and to find new tasks to colleagues with special needs enabling them to contribute to the business”, said Niels Due Jensen.

Dan Boyter representing Pressalit, which is known for producing toilet seats, explained how they engage in social responsibility.

“Social responsibility doesn’t come by itself. Senior management needs to take the lead, which is the key to success,” said Dan Boyter.

Everyone can contribute
The key message amongst the speakers was clear: It is important to feel that you are a part of a community and that your competences are needed, no matter who you are and where you come from.

The mayor of Viborg, Ulrik Wilbek, explained this quite precisely, when he entered the stage.

“It is about capabilities, because what is life worth, if you are prevented from contributing?”

“Our commitment to social responsibility is part of our future both locally and globally,” emphasised Mads Nipper, Grundfos CEO, when closing the meeting.

“Obviously, we need to do business that makes a profit. But we will make a difference by engaging us. It is the essence of who we are and part of our culture,” said Mads Nipper.

The conference was arranged with the purpose of emphasising what social responsibility means to employees, society and organisations. In addition, collaboration and knowledge sharing were central elements to many of the speakers. Sharing matters was the specific headline, when Mette Rønnau, the CEO of Cabi, Denmark’s largest network for businesses, entered the stage.