Walk for clean water marches on

It is 2011, and Terry Teach is carrying a bucket of water for three miles in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. Together with several other Grundfos employees, he is sweating as part of NGO Water Mission’s national fundraising event, Walk for Water. Here, carrying water is a symbolic gesture to populations to whom this is a
daily chore.

The thought hits the team of walkers, who are there in support of the newly-formed partnership between Grundfos and Water Mission: Walk for Water would make a perfect Grundfos event, too.

“We brought the idea to Grundfos North America and immediately had support from leadership,” says Terry Teach, Vice President, Demand & Revenue Planning, Grundfos Americas.

Since its original Walk for Water event in Charleston, Water Mission started a curriculum allowing others to host their concept. This opened the door.

“We initiated the first walk events at our Kansas City and Chicago locations in 2012, and employees responded with great enthusiasm, supporting the walks through registration fees, donations and soliciting corporate sponsorships from Grundfos vendors and local businesses,” explains Terry Teach.

Grundfos spirit comes alive
Since 2012, Grundfos has brought together over 2,000 walkers and raised $458,659 for safe water projects executed by Water Mission all over the world. Thus far, the annual Grundfos walks have helped give sustainable safe water access to more than 45,000 people.

“My heart just swells when I think about the number of people impacted,” says Terry Teach, who points to the fact that access to safe water leads to healthier lives and significant community transformation and development.

“Once safe water systems are brought to communities in undeveloped countries, villagers no longer have to walk hours in harsh conditions for clean water from far-off sources for their families. This frees up their time for more productive activities such as going to school, taking better care of themselves and their homes, and working.”

According to Terry Teach, the innovation, hard work and spirit of Grundfos employees is making a difference in the global water crisis through Water Mission.

“I am proud of all the Walk for Water teams who have come together and shown true commitment to help others. To me, this defines Grundfos. What you see in Walk for Water is our purpose statement coming to life.”


Picture text:
The Dauphine and Rossignol communities in Haiti have benefited from water projects backed by Grundfos through funding and solutions.