Water is flowing in Mosul again

After several years of war and conflict, the city of Mosul in Iraq is ready to come back on its feet. This include reestablishing its damaged water and waste-water infrastructure, which has left the people of Mosul in Northwestern Iraq with almost no water resources.

We are a part of the rebuild of the country’s second biggest city, and we are providing solutions to its water supply system:

“Mosul needs stable water supplying systems to bring back the people, and therefore a project like this has a very short executing time. Our pumps will supply water for half of the city. It includes an intake pumping station, a water treatment plant and a high lift pumping station”, says Waleed Noubani, Senior Sales Engineer in GGD.

“Our pumps will supply water for half of the city of Mosul, roughly 1.5 million people,” continues Waleed Noubani. We are supplying 50 pumps in total. The largest of the pumps are 12 submersible 400KW producing 2,200 cubic meters per hour for a river intake pumping station and 12 split case pumps also producing the same amount but for the high lift pumping stations.

Faster than normal
It is the United Nations Development Program, UNDP, that is responsible for the funding of the water projects, including our project in Mosul. The installation of the mega pumps is almost finished, and more than half of the pumps are already in use and the rest are going through the last commission.

Normally projects of this size takes a very long time to execute, but this one had to be finished within six months just before the hot and dry summertime kicked in. The team succeeded in this and right now the final installations are taking place, and cross functions cooperation helped deliver as promised.

“The main target for the UN DP was to rebuild the water systems quickly and we succeeded in doing this within the timeframe,” says Waleed Noubani.