We are prepared

The extent of the disaster is almost inconceivable. This means that at the moment it is impossible to get a clear picture of the extent of damages nor the request for pumps. So at present, Grundfos is primarily involved in preventive work.

- We know that our dealers, like many others, are hit hard by the flooding and that this situation is bringing about some very special conditions. We also know that people will need pumps, particularly pumps for sewage jobs and pumps for domestic water supply, and so we are right now concentrating on getting the pumps out to the warehouses to be ready for action, allowing the dealers longer credits. The most important thing right now is to get an overview of the situation, said General Manager, Steen Holm Jensen, Grundfos Australia.

Ruled by circumstances

The massive floodings have completely change life for millions of people. In Queensland alone, an area corresponding to France and Germany together is covered by water.

- We are talking huge proportions. It is almost impossible to get an overview of the true extent of devastation. So we decided to enter into close cooperation with our dealers, filling up their warehouses so that there will be pumps ready for action as soon as they are required. In addition we are donating 10,000 Australian Dollars to relieve the disaster and, together with a large dealer, we are donating up 10,000 Aus Dollars, depending on the number of pumps sold, said Steen Holm Jensen.

He reported that the dealers in the flooded areas have been given two KP pumps each which they can lend their flood stricken customers in order to help out.